Rachel Coffey


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I specialise in voice coaching. Allowing people to reach their true potential. I have a great deal of experience working with vocal confidence, business speaking and creating authentic, engaging and resonant voices.


My clients range from actors to politicians, parents to priests and everyone in-between.


I believe that we all have access to the voice we want, we just need to use the right techniques to allow it to work for us.


Each client has their own idea of what they want and my approach respects that, coming up with solutions for your unique voice.


I take a holistic approach. Areas of voice covered are accent & dialect, public speaking, vocality in business, vocal confidence and many others areas, so please ask and let me know your requirements. I'll be perfectly honest about whether I believe am the person to help.


So whether you are frozen to the spot with stage fright, trying to be heard in meetings or want to really shine in your next presentation, do contact me and I will see what I can offer.



Voice coaching

I had wanted to do something about my dislike of speaking in public for so long. Ironically it was the fear that stopped me! That fear has gone, its quite remarkable!

Roger, 38, Director, London