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Three ways business coaching will help you

By Rachel Coffey, Sep 20 2017 05:38PM

Business or ‘executive coaching’ has been around for some time. In the early days it may have been seen as somewhat of a luxury. However in our current business landscape, where there is often a great deal of pressure, it can make all the difference to someone with great potential burning out versus truly succeeding for themselves and their company.

Business coaching is about being able to use the knowledge and opportunities around us by putting ourselves in the best position to view them, evaluate them and make the decisions that allow us to take advantage of them.

Crucially business coaching not only helps us succeed in life but also gives us the skills that will allow us to actually enjoy it. It can be lonely at the top (and trying to get there!) and it can be a real asset to have a confidential and objective coach in your corner, whose main aim is to get you where you want to be (even if you aren’t entirely certain where that is yet!). Below are just three areas in which business coaching can help, whether you are an entrepreneur, owner, in the exec team or even working your way up the ladder;

Creating considered changes and good decisions

There are many decisions to be made on a daily basis and being able to make them in a balanced and confident manner is essential. Making decisions because we feel we have to or are under pressure to do so won’t get us the results we want. Coaching can help you keep a level head and see all the options in front of you, ensuring your decisions will be contributing to your success.

Businesses need to adapt and change in order to survive and change can be a wonderful thing, but not everybody finds it easy. Coaching will help you feel balanced in your approach, stay objective and ensure that the changes and decisions you make are supporting your purpose going forward.

Work life balance

Sure we need to put in the energy, be 100% committed and work for success. It needs to get us what we want professionally but it also has to deliver for us personally. Sometimes a business can feel all consuming and I often hear how this has had a negative impact on personal relationships. A good coach will help you to draw that balance. Open up better communications with both loved ones and colleagues. Manage expectations and allow everyone, including you, to get to enjoy the good side of you, not just the stressed busy one.

Of course, there may always be times when work has to take priority, but there is a big difference between that and getting stuck on an ever faster hamster wheel of work. A coach will help you achieve a balance and ensure that your work is supporting your life and not the other way around. They’ll also help you switch off at those important times you have put aside to do so.

Public speaking and communication

If you find the right business coach, they may also be able to help you communicate better in order to more effectively achieve your aims. Whether your knees turn to Jelly at the thought of speaking in front of particular groups or you just need to find ways to put your point across at the same time as getting others on your side, a good speaking and communications business coach should be able to really help you. Much of it is about finding an authentic inner confidence, staying calm under pressure and building a rapport that engages and naturally persuades. Learning how to sound great also helps! If you find the right coach they will be able to identify what needs to change and have the techniques available to allow you to do it as effectively as possible.

There are many other areas in which a business coach can help. It can be a seriously good investment - and surprisingly reasonable when you look at the benefits. Have a chat with your prospective coach, you need someone you can speak with openly and honestly. Let them know what you think you need, but more than that, what you’d like to change or where you’d like to get to. Remember though, this isn’t a job interview. It doesn’t matter where your coach sees themselves in five years time or what achievement they are most proud of. What matters is that they can help you get where you want to be in a way that works for you. The results can be amazing!

Rachel offers business, voice and presentation skills coaching on-site, at her base in Imperial Wharf and at Gazelli house.

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