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January is a great time to change

By Rachel Coffey, Jan 10 2017 02:15PM

With the holidays rapidly becoming a distant memory, the long stretch of January winds its path. Resolutions abound, whether they have fallen by the wayside or we are willing ourselves to keep it up. January can appear to be a stagnant month.

Maybe though its time to open our eyes. What we do today creates our tomorrow. How we think today shapes it and how we feel colours it. Although we may not always see it, change can begin in the smallest of ways, even on the dullest of days.

Sometimes people say to me that they have kept things the same because they couldn’t see how to change it. They weren’t sure what they wanted. Sometimes people say that they didn’t have the energy or they felt too down. But here’s the thing, coping with stress, a lack of confidence or a situation we don’t want to be in, takes up a huge amount of energy and even time. It is a heavy load to carry. The moment that load begins to lighten things start to get easier, sometimes right away. The key is to make a decision and act upon it. Just making a decision that you’d like things to be different and doing something about it. The beginning is that simple.

The world is full of possibilities. Good and bad. They are all there for the making and all there for the taking too. It’s our choices, conscious and unconscious that take us along a particular path. Even if we have found ourselves in circumstances not entirely of our own making, what we do next is up to us.

If you think it is time to move forward, do yourself a favour and make life brighter, coaching can help to get you where you want to go. Even the seemingly most self assured people can benefit from having a dedicated person on thier side. It can make the difference between taking the long route round and over thinking, to feeling supported, with a sense of direction and purpose. And importantly having a confidential and impartial expert meaning you’ll be in safe hands.

January is a great time to change.

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