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For many of my clients, this might be the first time they have approached a coach to help them to achieve their goals. I am often asked how the coaching will work. There is no fixed prescription, every client of mine is treated as the individual they are. However, I often recommend that for a client with a single main issue to work on, a three session package is the one to book. It consists of 3.5 hours of coaching spread over 3 sessions. My clients usually experience a significant shift in this time. I am of course available beyond that time, be that a month later or a year later. It is though a great way to manage cost and get results. Below is a simplified guide to how the three session package might work.

About the coaching

When you enquire about the coaching, I will ask for a brief outline of what it is you want to get out of your coaching. You may have a very clear goal or simply a vague idea, either is fine. My style of coaching works best when you are at the point where you want things to change, when you are ready to move on.

I promote a relaxed, private atmosphere in pleasant surroundings. Everything is focussed on you getting the most out of your coaching.

I will work together to understand the issue, how it affects you and how you would like things to be. I will use a series of simple techniques, many of them conversational, to get to the root of any problems and associations you may have with them. I will then look to gradually resolve these and replace them with a more helpful way of thinking or behaving.

As I work within a variety of coaching areas the specifics of the work will be tailored to you as a client and the area you are working on. I am happy to discuss this with you prior to the coaching if desired.

My approach

My fees are very clear and can be found on the 'fees' page of this website.  I don't believe in encouraging clients to have any more sessions than they need. My aim is to allow you to get to the place where you want to be and move forward successfully in your life, without having to continually rely on a coach. I offer a 20% discount for OAP's, students and those on a low income. I also offer the 20% discount to all returning clients (who have experienced 3 sessions or more).

As a quick guide, for personal coaching I charge £125 per hour, this is reduced to £350 for a 3 session package of 3.5hours, the equivalent of £100 per hour.

Cost and number of sessions

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In person


'Sessions with Rachel Coffey help you to see areas where you can make changes, eliminate negative behavioural patterns and let go of feelings of guilt, as if a light has been switched on.'

Tatler Magazine March 2016