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A single one hour voice coaching session. Sessions available Monday to Friday 10am - 6.30pm. Hours outside these times, including are available on request.
Voice or Life Coaching 1 hour
Three session Package of 3.5 hours coaching over 3 sessions. Three sessions are a great foundation. Clients usually see a significant shift within this time.
Starter Package - 3 sessions
The results package consists of a total of 5 hours of coaching. It commences with a two hour double session, which really boosts progress. This package is perfect for those who want to make a real change in the shortest time possible. The three remaining sessions can be taken either in quick succession or over a period of time.
Results package - 4 session (inc. double)
Six session package (6.5hrs of coaching) is great to build the foundations and experience ongoing support. Clients usually experience a significant shift within this period and have time to allow it to bed in. This is a great option to secure ongoing change.
Progress package - 6 sessions
The complete twelve session package is for those looking to extend their coaching to six to twelve months. This option is best if you want ongoing growth personally or professionally to continually achieve your goals.
Complete package - 12 sessions
Hourly rate at home or for business coaching. You can book a single session of an hour per person or if you would like to book a workshop style session for more that one person, this can also be arranged. Courses are also available and will be charged at a different rate, you can see some options of courses available below.
Single business or on-site session