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It can be an exciting and daunting time when you begin a new venture. There are so many possibilities and decisions to be made. The process can be stressful and also very rewarding.


How can coaching help?


When you have been working on an idea for so long and now it is turning into reality, at times it can be difficult to focus on the bigger picture or for others hard to manage the detail or the feeling of being in charge. It is essential to remain focussed, in control, adept and enterprising. That’s no mean feat! Here are some of the areas that coaching can help you with at the beginning of your business:


Maintaining a sense of confidence in yourself and your venture


Managing your time


Strategic planning and setting and achieving your goals


Identifying your company’s ethos and values


Project planning


Working with and managing others


Identifying skills gaps and how best to fill them


Effective and promotive communication


Work-life balance


Dealing with stress


Public speaking from meetings to conferences



Finding ways that work for you is essential for your business to stand out from the crowd and becoming a success. Some things will take time and a prolonged focus to achieve and there will be other areas that you find you naturally excel at. Creating a balance within your company and working with your values and goals will help you succeed. Get in touch now and find out how coaching can help you and your business get where they want to be.




Coaching for new businesses and start-ups

It was a big time for me when I began my business. I was excited, tired and a bit scared too! Rachel helped me streamline my thoughts, untie knots and stay on track. I wouldn't have thought coaching could be this helpful.

Sam, 40, Proprietor, London